No.1 The FRARLI In Black Satin



Your order will be shipped after the 26th May once your garment has been hand stitched at FRARLIBETH's Zhejiang atelier.

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FRARLIBETH makes its debut with the FRARLI. FRARLI is a black satin mini dress with sculptural puff sleeves where the volume certainly does not disappoint. 

Handmade in Zhejiang, the meticulous attention to detail is what makes FRARLI a walking piece of art, that lucky for you, you can wear.

  • Polyester Duchess Satin
  • 100% Cotton Lining
  • Puff sleeves have all the volume thanks to the secret tulle hidden inside
  • No cuffs on these sleeves, hidden elastic cuffs mean they are guaranteed to fit
  • Bust and back darts for the perfect engineered silhouette
  • Long zip at the back, easily step into FRARLI without ruining your makeup
  • Hand-wash or dry clean only

Pre-order designs are handmade at FRARLIBETH's Zhejiang atelier once your order has been placed. FRARLIBETH garments are made in less than 20 quantities per design, resulting in less wastage and more focused time on the creation of your garment. There will be a 4-6 week lead time for your design to be created.

Frances is 5'2 and wears an XS.

REGULAR LENGTH - From neckline to hem, dress length is 28 inches.

TALL LENGTH - From neckline to hem, dress length will be 29 inches.

Complimentary shipping for all UK orders

No.1 The FRARLI In Black Satin


Polyester gets a bad reputation (not referring to a Taylor Swift album here). The factory in Zhejiang sources recyclable, non toxic fabrics that are also high in quality. After looking at various fabrics and talking over the options with the factory, polyester satin was decided as the best fabric for this design. This fabric has lots of structure and a beautiful sheen which was paramount for No.1 FRARLI.


The FRARLI was handmade at FRARLIBETH’S Zhejiang supplier.  With over 20 years of experience, they pride themselves on creating garments to the highest quality. The factory is BSCI certified which means employees work in a safe working environment and receive fair pay.  The factory also values sustainability and is ‘Global Recycled Standard’ certified, working with sustainable fabrics fabrics.


FRARLIBETH was on location at one of London’s hidden gems, The Landmark, for the Debut Spring collection. The Spring 2024 vision imagined by founder, Frances Elizabeth, experimenting with unique silhouettes and textures.